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We provide a full range of patient health information, health databases, application and decision support tools that are easy to integrate and simple to manage.

Drug, Disease and other information databases

We combine evidenced-based health information with the latest in behavior science to promote meaningful change... more >

Chronic Disease Management

Maximize good health, better understand and manage chronic disease and ultimately improve health and well-being... more >

EMR, PHR, Pharmacy

Patient handouts for people at all health stages, from those who are newly diagnosed to those living with a chronic illness. Include within your EMR, PHR, hospital or pharmacy system... more >

Mobile Knowledgebase

MediResource products are mobile enabled... more >

Complete Health Portals

We are experts at building large-scale health portals. Utilize our in-house expertise and publishing platform for swift development and to reduce costs... more >

Health Risk Assessments

Identify key lifestyle factors and create personal action plans for lifestyle changes that reduce health risks... more >

Digital Health Coach

Health Coach is an online personal health coaching program that provides the tools and resources to empower individuals to improve their health... more >

Decision Support Tools

Nearly 100 interactive patient health tools that engage visitors to make better health decisions... more >