Our approach to developing content differentiates us. We integrate behavior change models into health program content to ensure that people who use our knowledgebase, decision support tools and digital coaching programs improve their health. We believe that an activated patient who is provided with the right knowledge, confidence and self-management skills is an empowered patient. An empowered patient who is proactive about their health solves problems, identifies when they need help and knows where to go to get assistance.

Our unique mixture of engaging health information, behavior change models and technology applications creates a more robust environment with greater impact. Our commitment is to provide information that meets the needs of patients and consumers in a way that is timely, evidence-based, relevant and easy to understand.


Our unique "knowledge-to-action" cycle and its impact on health behavior change have been measured and validated. We capture information on thousands of data points from millions of visitors. Our panel of 50,000 consumers and patients are leveraged to enrich our understanding of health behavior, content structure and improve the user experience. MediResource Labs creates ground-breaking disease management programs. We understand how to keep healthy people healthy and improve the health of those with acute and chronic conditions.

We achieve industry leading results:

  • 80% intended to return regularly to the MediResource knowledgebase for more information.
  • Visitors predominantly searched for information for themselves (94%), for their partner (43%) or for other family members (34%).
  • 62% saved one visit to the doctor as a result of reading our information.
  • 63% did additional research about their health situation and 41% discussed information with a friend or relative.
  • 22% of people became empowered and had a meaningful discussion with their doctor about treatment options.
  • There was a 14% increase in medication persistence for patients receiving tailored sequential health messages through PatientConnect®.
  • 30% said they would participate in virtual support groups or health-related social networks after using our knowledgebase.