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Our content is proven to change behaviour and impact outcomes.

MediResource provides a rich knowledge base of industry-leading, health content with over 125,000 health information assets, including drug and disease libraries, lifestyle articles, natural health product articles, and lab procedure information. We've integrated it all into our leading health platform to deliver a robust customer experience that is easy to implement and simple to maintain.

We do wellness really well. Whether you need content, technology, or both, we have a program and a solution for you.

Enhance your member plan portal

Plan providers, employers, TPAs, ASOs, PSOs, brokers, associations, and hospitals

Add value to your core member services

We speak your language, delivering engaging experiences that support your business. We've worked with leading providers to add depth and business value to your current member services.

Health Risk Assessments

Identify member risks and cost-drivers with our leading HRA and analytics

Health Challenges - Gamification

Engage with company health challenges that include wearable devices

Digital Health Coach

Digital Health Coaching delivers targeted health action plans

Pharmacy and Prescription Support

Integrated solutions online and at the point-of-care

Secure e-refills

From online or mobile into the workflow queue of your pharmacy management system.

Content-rich patient portal

View medication history and deliver targeted disease management. Integrate with our member portal products.

Point-of-care targeted messages

Improve adherence, support programs, couponing, and special offers. Delivered in-store and with each refill.

We Impact Your Key Business Drivers

  • Increase prescription volume
    42 days of additional medication supply per patient per year
  • Improved value proposition.
    83% improved pharmacist and pharmacy brand perception
  • A better customer experience.
    48% increased loyalty
Enhance your data value

Add our behavioral data to your clinical data

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Integrate with your back-end data and infrastructure

  • Front-end websites
  • Integration with Rx management systems
  • Complex HL7 lab integrations
  • Secure email services
  • Insurance portals - plan member services
  • Hospital patient support programs
  • Specialty pharmacy
  • Other custom projects