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3 Connected Missions Improve Employee And Organizational Health

Missions provide a roadmap to build a health movement. Within each mission there are activities that build health skills and reduce health risks. To keep users engaged all year, they are challenged to “level up,” increasing their health skill levels and lowering health risks. Levels can be connected to a configurable reward program of your design.

Mission 1

Assess your skills and risks

Screenshot of Health Risk Assessment
Mission 2

Engage with a challenge

Screenshot of Challenges
Mission 3

Improve outcomes with health coaching

Screenshot of Digital Health Coach
Continuous cycle icon

A continuous cycle: re-assess, re-profile, level up. Repeat.

Continuous cycle icon
A true behaviour change model

70% of individuals lack the motivation or skills required to improve health.

Just like premier athletes build physical skills to stay on top employees can build health skills to impact long-term behaviour change. Others use simple engagement strategies without a well defined program to impact outcomes. We set a new standard by integrating multiple behaviour change models and patented tailoring technologies to improve health outcomes. Step-up to the new standard today.

Health Connected protected by U.S. Patents 13/526,736; 14/665,071

Let us explain
Increase Health Skills icon

Increase Health Skills

Health Skill Score

Health Skills Score image
Reduce Health Risks icon

Reduce Health Risks

Health Risks

Health Risks image
One-click reports – unlimited insights & actionable intelligence

Gain complete visibility into your cost drivers

  • Risk factors
  • Co-existing risk factors
  • Job type
  • Department
  • Demographics
  • Work satisfaction & happiness
  • Readiness to change
  • +more
Ready to step-up?

Analytics that are broad and deep

Standardized and configurable reports quantify your dollar gain or loss across the most important cost categories

If your current program can’t answer all the questions you have then its time to trade-up to a new standard.
A value-priced premium product

Get more for less than you think.

Find the right plan

Comprehensive Health A-Z

Condition, drug, lab test, natural health, and lifestyle content. To add more engagement we include tools, calculators and more.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

Health Connected PHR empowers employees to self-manage their health online. PHR consolidates a broad range of health information enabling better record management, follow through and risk identification.

We are HIPAA compliant

Connect with back-end data and systems icon

Connect it all to your back-end data and systems

Our integration teams have worked with pharmacies and labs to connect external data to our platform. This enables more efficient data collection and distribution. Combining clinical data with our behaviour data sets a new standard for insights on what’s driving decisions and costs.