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Over 1 billion served, growing at over 5 million UVs monthly

Reach millions of motivated health seekers each month with a message. We are online and mobile enabled so you get optimum reach across the full spectrum of health consumers. We reach a broad demographic of healthy lifestyle seekers, consumers, patients and caregivers.

Amplify Your Message

We already have the traffic. Some clients use us to augment their message and drive more traffic to existing campaigns. Others utilize our branded microhubs and patient mobilization campaigns as their core strategy.

Why spend unnecessary resources and budget to get people to your website when you can leverage our network to drive them to your message.

Mobilize A Motivated Audience

We’ve got 20+ years in understanding what drives consumer health behaviour. We help people understand their options so they can make smart and critical decisions that can have a huge impact on their health.

Our patient mobilization process activates and motivates people to take action and improve their health.

Add Unbiased Trust And Credibility

We have trust and loyalty with a massive audience. We believe in being honest and up front with our audience, that’s why content is 3rd party reviewed and sponsor recognized to ensure trust and unbiased credibility.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company or consumer brand we help build greater trust and brand loyalty.

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We are health SEO experts

The battleground is page 1, we can get you there. We have 20+ years of established search equity with major search engines. Get to the top faster and stay there.

Understand patterns and what drives decisions

Unparalleled Analytics

Monthly Reporting With Universal Google Analytics

Comprehensive tracking of reach and a full engagement analysis.

Custom ROI Surveys

Do you really know your audience and what drives decisions? We measure it all with a custom survey.